Sisters in Pink

We offer a peer-to-peer matching program whereby a newly-diagnosed patient can be matched with a survivor or caregiver to accompany them on their journey. It’s about forming a relationship and knowing you have each other to count on.


  • For a newly-diagnosed: Providing you with a pal to help you through your cancer journey. You will have someone to talk to and lean on during this period who understands and has been down a similar road.
  • For a survivor or caregiver: Providing you the chance to help someone else and pass on your experience in a positive, transformative way.


1. If you’re interested to take part, please fill in one of the following forms (based on the role you would like to take) so that we may match you with the right person:

  • If you are a PATIENT wishing to RECEIVE SUPPORT through this program, please fill-in this form:
  • If you are a SURVIVOR or CAREGIVER who would like to GIVE SUPPORT, please fill-in this form: Note: Survivors who want to help patients will need to have completed their treatment at least a year before taking part to ensure they can commit their time and are ready to take this on.

2. We will match you both based on the best fit and facilitate the first contact or meeting at our office.

3. Prior to the meeting, all those wishing to give support will be required to do a short training to ensure they are able to support the patient in the best way possible

4. We will follow-up and keep in touch during the process to ensure it’s going well for both and in case you’d like to change partners, we will facilitate that too. No hard feelings. The important thing is to be comfortable.

5. Build a nice friendship and know you have a friend just a phone call or home visit away to be by your side during your cancer treatment who understands what you are going through or has been there too.

Contact us to find out more:

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