Pinking of You Cards

Finding the right words to say when a friend or loved one is sick is never easy, let alone when they are diagnosed with cancer. It’s a struggle for most people, especially when the typical “Get Well Soon” doesn’t capture the true sentiment you wish to express.


Photography: Lea Heshme/A Whole Lotta Love

That’s why we teamed up with the talented A Whole Lotta Love to develop a creative solution through the “Pinking of You” Card Collection of ten custom-designed cards that come in an assortment of messages, such as coupons with quirky things to do that lift a patient’s spirit, temporary tattoos that celebrate kicking cancer’s ass, fun reminders to get checked (when it may be a bit awkward to say out loud), and even options for a survivor who may wish to express their appreciation for those who have stood by their side through it all. The special collection also includes cards that can work for other occasions, offering a dash of humor and unexpected delight.

The “Pinking of You” Card Collection is currently being sold at:

  • Our/One Wig Stand’s Office (Achrafieh)
  • A Whole Lotta Love’s Studio (Naccache)
  • Pin-a-Pen (Achrafieh)
  • (for Online Orders)

Cards are for $5 each with full proceeds of all sales going towards supporting and empowering breast cancer patients in Lebanon. With your purchase you’ll not only be putting a smile on a friend or loved one’s face, but also contributing to the cause and supporting other cancer patients in need.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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