It is not like hair will cure cancer or save a life. And yet, it might save a heart.

Rouba Abou Zeid, Blogger + Hair Donor

I would like to thank you for all the positive vibes and support you gave my mother today. She has been feeling down since her diagnosis, and today for the first time, I heard hope in her voice. So thanks a lot for your organization and personal efforts.

Cancer Patient’s Daughter

One Wig Stand represents one of the more amazing stories in the international breast cancer community. What started as a blog aimed at educating and supporting breast cancer patients in Lebanon has become something much more..

Tracy Rosecrans of Healthline.com

Many felt sorry, few prayed, but you were there to help.. Even with the physical appearance in this situation, sometimes the small things provide a big moral support and change!

Cancer Patient’s Friend, Wig Program