Team Members:

Get to know our growing team.. and their distinct personas at our organization!

Loryne Atoui Laham Founder, Managing Director and Chief Pinker (

Loryne Atoui Laham, Founder and Managing Director – Photos by: Nareg D.B.

Get to Know Loryne: Coming soon!

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Sally Mansour

Sally Mansour, Curator of Administration – Photos by: Nareg D.B.

Get to Know Sally: Through her piles of files (or hair at times!) and behind lists of notes, you’ll find the girl that answers all your – or hammers you with – phone calls. Currently studying Information Technology at Haigazian University, Sally is the youngest in the team but trust you are in safe hands. She will curate your One Wig Stand journey from A to Z.. or to Scotland, where you may one day find her wandering off to.

Get in Touch:


Diana el-Kallassi, Patient Support Guru – Photos by: Nareg D.B.

Get to Know Diana: With a passion for helping others overcome their problems and lead happier lives, Diana is your go-to person for getting through those difficult times. And if that doesn’t work, Chantal Goya does the trick for her! Currently in thesis mode, this psychologist is working towards a Masters in Clinical Psychology at Balamand University. She considers carb-free foods a waste of time (and who can blame her?) and is the first to know what the British Royal Family are up to. When you need a listening ear, she’ll be there – and that’s a promise!

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Board Members and Consultants:

  • Mireille Atoui Founding Board Member and Vice President
  • John Laham Founding Board Member, Treasurer and IT Support (john@onewigstand.og)
  • Dr. Mayssam Nehme Founding Board Member and Medical Consultant
  • Imad Haddad Founding Board Member and Secretary
  • Mira Hawa Board Member and Marketing Consultant (
  • Cynthia Atoui Fundraising and Event Consultant

Support Networks:


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