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Things I Have Learned Since Finding Out I Carry the BRCA1 Mutation

By Catherine B. “Freeze your eggs!” “Remove your breasts!" “Do it as soon as possible!” “The sooner the better!” are not phrases a woman is ever ready to hear or knows what to do with. I’m 29 years old and I have spent the last decade of my life dealing with the risk of hereditary cancer.

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Time to Talk: Young Adults Chat About Coping with Mom’s Cancer

“I would like to share this story with you, maybe it will give you some hope.” began one of the participants in Tuesday’s Time to Chat: Coping with Mom’s Cancer - an intimate WhatsApp group chat session led by Jihane Ghorayeb. Find out the topics that we covered in this recap.

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Lemonista: A Breast Cancer Awareness Booth with a Zesty Twist!

Breast cancer awareness is a sensitive issue for young people who may not always be ready or receptive to talking about such (let's admit: scary) things even if they know they may be at risk. So when we were invited to take part in AUB's Annual Civic Engagement Conference and Fair, we immediately got to thinking of different ways to reach and engage the students so that we may get our message across more effectively.

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Know 2 Beat: Engaging the Youth in Cancer Awareness

Awareness campaigns for cancer tend to be (most often) developed by and for adults, but what happens when the tables are turned and the younger generation is the one creating the message for their peers and communities?

That’s what Know to Beat is all about and it is from that base that we teamed up with the Faireface Association, May Jallad Foundation and Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation (LBCF) to develop a cancer awareness competition that would bring in the creative talents of 15 public schools from the Beirut district.

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Let’s WhatsApp: Chatting About Nutrition

On March 4th, we held our first “Let’s WhatsApp” group chat for Breast Cancer patients on the subject of nutrition with clinical nutritionist Diane Nicolas as our specialist in the chat. Five women from across Lebanon took part in the group chat, asking questions and sharing their insight with the rest. Find out more about the chat and benefit from the tips shared in this recap!

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