Get Inspired.

As a designer (graphic, that is), I can’t help but get inspired by the Bras for a Cause campaign – there’s so much one can do when designing a bra! Whenever I’m doing some research for the campaign and a bra would catch my eye, my first thought is directly: Gotta share this with the designers taking part!

I spent 30 minutes on Pinterest today and put together the following inspiration board with bras and bra-ideas. Keep in mind, all designers taking part, we’re looking for some really creative designs but also designs that can actually later be produced and sold in stores to support this cause. Tone down the outrageousness just slightly 😉

Hope these clippings inspire some ideas:

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Keep in mind, these are just to get the ball rolling if you’re stuck for ideas. We’re positive everyone’s going to come up with some very interesting results. Even for the “Her Bra” Mastectomy Bra Category, try to find similar inspirations to make your designs stand out. The best designs tell a story or reflect a part of the woman’s personality (whether it’s her lifestyle, character, career, passions, etc). Let that fuel your imagination and good luck to everyone taking part!


Find out more about the Campaign: (Organized by One Wig Stand and

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