Little BIG Things You Can Do This October

As of October 1st, we’ve introduced a new daily post series of awareness tips that we’ll be sharing via our facebook page for the entire month. They’re all small things that won’t require much time or effort but will help you learn in small doses more about breast health, early detection signs and other activities you can do to show your support for the cause.

Try to put them to practice whenever possible this month:

Thanks to the help of our team of wonderful volunteers, we’ll also be sharing the daily posts in Arabic so more women from the region can benefit from them too:

Arabic Translation: Samira El-Ghoul

Arabic Translation: Nesrine Chami

Arabic Translation: Soha Menassa

Be sure to check our page daily this month and share the ones you find particularly valuable with others to spread the awareness. If you have any recommendations for other “Little Big Things” someone can do during October, let us know by email to

Meet Our Fabulous Jury

A few weeks ago we announced our fabulous team of Jury that will be evaluating the designs submitted for the Bras for a Cause Middle East Campaign. Get to know the Jury, find out how they will be evaluating the entries and more in this informative clip:

We’ve carefully selected our team of Jury with diverse backgrounds and expertise to evaluate the designs. Our Jury includes:

Shirene Rifai: Editor-in-Chief of UMagazine Jordan and Lebanon

Rosemin Manji: Managing Director at RR & Co. Bespoke Luxury Management

Rana Salam: Renowned Designer and Author of “The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie”

Evelyne Accad: Professor Emerita, Author and Prominent Breast Cancer survivor.

Tiffany Karam Youssef: Marketing Manager of K-Lynn Lingerie

Dr. Yolande Badre: Guest Juror for the “Her Bra” Design Category.‘s Amira Azzouz and I will also be taking part in the Juries as the Organizers of the Campaign.

Bras for a Cause Submissions have officially opened and can be done completely online. Click here for submissions. We can’t wait to see everyone’s designs!


Support this Campaign further by liking our page on Facebook: or follow us on Twitter: @BrasforaCauseME and help us spread the word!