7 Gift Ideas for a Loved One Fighting Cancer

With the holidays less than a week away, it is easy to freak out if you haven’t finished all your gift shopping. It’s tricky and perhaps a tad stressful when you don’t know where to begin, especially if its for a family member or friend fighting cancer. What can you get that will make her feel better yet at the same time be of benefit during her treatment period?

We’ve spent the past few days online window shopping for some ideas for you – all of which can be found in Lebanon and vary in price to suit any budget:


1. For Laughs: Add a little laughter with a funny movie or DVD box set of her favorite series. Laughter is the best medicine after all, right? // We recommend: Two and a Half Men DVD Box Set, or something similar to take her mind of what she’s going through.

2. For Passing the Time: Download some of her favorite tunes into an iPod that she can take with her to treatment or while in the waiting room. If she’s more into app games, splurge on an iPad and install a few of them to get her started. // We recommend: iPod Shuffle, or something similar that’s small and easy to carry around in a purse.

3. For Comfort: Help her cozy up in a warm robe this winter season with a soft fleece robe. The best part is it can be thrown over anything she is wearing when she feels cold. // We recommend: The featured robe available at Oysho, or something similar as longer lengths tend to provide more blanket-like warmth.

4. For Cold Feet: Grab a pair of funny socks or fuzzy slippers for her to wear around the house or slip into while getting treatment at the hospital. Select a design she’ll be comfortable wearing when friends or family come over and she doesn’t feel like dressing up. // We recommend: The featured slippers also available at Oysho, or something similar she can easily slip in and out of.

5. For Soft Skin: Makeup can go a long way when you’re not feeling particularly “hot” about yourself, but be sure to avoid anything that contains parabens, which are harmful chemicals used in cosmetics linked to cancer. She may feel an aversion to smells if she’s undergoing chemotherapy so avoid overly-fragant or floral creams. // We recommend: The featured “Joy to the World” gift box at LUSH that contains “Dream Cream” – a hydrating cream recommended by other patients, or something similar that is made organically.

6. For Support: Although she may not openly admit it, she may be in need of support from time to time during her treatment and a reminder that she’s not alone in her battle. Boost her morale with small gifts of support, whether it’s a inspirational book or by connecting her with other patients to let it out. Make a difference on her behalf by donating to a cause close to her heart. // We recommend: The featured “Pink Pulse” bracelet designed exclusively by One Wig Stand, the full proceeds of which is directed to our patient-support programs, or a similar gesture or donation to an NGO of her choice.

7. For Pampering: Who would ever say no to a massage, right? Patients undergo tremendous stress and aches along their journey so give her some TLC in the form of a pampering massage to rejuvenate her. // We recommend: the “Sensitive Body Skin Honey Treatment” at Elixir Spa in Habtoor Hotel, or something similar that is gentle and soothing for her.

Or Get Creative! A lot of the times it pays to be creative and prepare a unique gift (or gift basket) to match her personality. Make her something special, like a scarf or a hand-painted mug with words of support, or do little things for her, like taking her shopping or even baby-sitting her kids for the afternoon.

Truly, the best gift you can give to any patient is your love and time. Try to really be there for her during this time, especially if she’s feeling a bit more sensitive or stressed during the holiday period. And be sure to give her plenty of hugs – 100% free but priceless.

We hope these recommendations help you as you finish your holiday shopping your weekend. We’d love to hear any additional ideas or tips you may have too!


Disclaimer: All of the above suggestions are based on the personal preference of the author and do not reflect any influence or affiliation with any of the brands mentioned to the organization itself.


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