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Flashback. Then Forward.

Today 4 years ago, I learned something that changed my life forever.

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The Un-accidental Accident

Two years ago, Jennifer was in a terrible karting accident which left her with a ruptured pancreas and broken ankle. Although she didn't know it at the time, the road to recovery would be one that would change her life. Read Jennifer's bold journey and the lessons learned along the way in her personal essay.

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Lara’s Story: Two Years Later

We first interviewed Lara two years ago but even with the time that's passed since, her story continues to inspire until today. What's happened with Lara since and what life is like after cancer? Read more in our follow-up interview with Lara - two years later.

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Hope Not Fear: Finding the Silver Lining

Most women dread losing their hair and having to wear a wig during their treatment. It's really hard to accept losing such an integral part of your appearance and femininity - even if temporary. An added concern is how others will perceive that hair loss and treat you as a result of it. To add a fresh perspective to this important and sensitive subject, we conducted an interview with Cheri who's taken a refreshing attitude to wearing wigs, adding her own creative approach to making the experience more fun in light of a difficult situation.

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My Wife’s Battle with Breast Cancer

"In September of 2007, I married the girl of my dreams. Five months later, Jennifer was diagnosed with Stage 3B Breast Cancer." starts the story of an American couple's battle against breast cancer and how it changed both their lives forever. Following plenty of ups and downs in her cancer treatment, Jennifer unfortunately passed away but the photographs taken by her husband Angelo stand as a honest testament of what this part of their life was like and the beauty she has left behind to inspire others..

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