Review: The DONNA Glove

Review by Loryne Atoui Laham & Carole Basna We recently heard about a breast self-check product coming to Lebanon: the DONNA Glove. The DONNA Glove, as advertised, is a new medical device from Italy that is designed to help you conduct your Breast Self-Examination (BSE) by amplifying sensitivity “up to 15 times”. The glove itself is lined with a light mineral oil intended to reduce the friction between your fingertips when checking the skin around your breast. A comprehensive study conducted in 2010 revealed that women using the glove are 48% more likely to detect lumps than their barehanded counterparts. DonnaGlove It is very important to point out that the DONNA Glove, like any self-check product in the market today, is not intended to act as a replacement for regular clinical check-ups, ultrasounds and/or yearly mammographs based on your age. It is there to aid in the BSE process and is clearly marked as such. So with several BSE options out there, what makes this particular one stand out? donna_glove We got in touch with the DONNA Glove’s distributers in Lebanon to find out more and they kindly provided us with a sample to try out. After a few days of testing and getting a better sense of the product, here’s our review and personal take on the DONNA Glove:

What We Liked:

  • Easy to use.
  • Comes with self-check directions and booklet to aid in the BSE process.
  • Helps you more clearly feel the shape of pre-existing or prominent bumps.
  • Affordable at $25 (37,500 LL) per glove as it lasts 2 years.
  • Low maintenance and easily-washable.
  • Practical size and discreet.
  • Can be shared among women in the same household, which is great if you have sisters.

Room for Improvement:

  • One-size-for-all format of glove may not work for everyone, especially those with smaller hands.
  • May be loose on your hand due to its wide opening and mitten-like, rather than glove-like, cut.
  • Not very reliable if used when standing up as liquid shifts downward.
  • Hard to tell if it’s really working.
  • Can be cold upon first contact with your skin.
  • Liable to collect dust if not put away properly due to its polyurethane quality.

Overall, the glove helped heighten the touch sensation during a self-check exam, especially if you know how to use it and have a bump in your chest you’re concerned about, but we found the design itself has room for improvement to give its user better control and results. Perhaps a more fitted variation of the glove would solve this. We recommend you try it out for yourself to get a better idea and please share with us if it helped with your BSE. Whatever method you choose for conducting your BSE, the most important thing is to DO IT and to do it regularly. And if, while using the DONNA Glove or any other BSE method of your preference, you ever feel a strange bump in your chest – don’t panic (it may be benign) but do get it checked by consulting with a doctor or healthcare professional. To find out more or to order a DONNA Glove, get in touch with Nada Saba at Abela Marketing:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +961 1-512 612 ext. 304

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