Pose-of-the-Month: Fish 2

For the month of December, Diana Ross of Breast Cancer Yoga has shared a new pose for everyone to try out – especially recommended for breast cancer patients and survivors. Try it out and let us know how you like it!

Fish 2 is one of those unique yoga poses that almost immediately, once in it, creates great internal quiet. Your eyes seem to want to close and your heart becomes wide open. Even your breath is so full that expansion can be felt throughout your entire being. It’s a great pose to love yourself in and to simply let go. – Diana Ross


  • Opens heart and chest and frees up breath
  • Allows for lymphatic drainage
  • Stretches breast tissue
  • Expands the lungs for more air consumption
  • Lengthens collar bone while stretching the deltoids
  • Quiets the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Calming, especially if there is a focus on the breath
  • Relaxes shoulders and arms.
  • Quiets the mind quickly, relieves anxiety
  • Supports thoracic kyphosis


  1. Begin seated on a small pillow or folded blanket, place a cylinder bolster behind in a horizontal length. Extend legs forward. Place two blocks side by side behind for the back to (comfortably) rest on. Use a yoga block, bolster or pillow for your head to rest on once lowered.
  2. Inhale, lengthen spine and draped over blocks and bolster.
  3. Make sure your head rest in the natural alignment with chin, if not place a prop to lift head.
  4. Legs remain extended in front.
  5. Inhale, and extend arms over creating a big stretch to chest area if comfortable.
  6. Stay and breath into the front body with the arms overhead.
  7. Remain in this pose as long as comfortable, if desired bring arms back along side body.

Liked this pose? Be sure to also try out the previous “Arm Under Chest” and “A Happy Yoga Pose” too!

The yoga poses and images shared in this feature are copyright of Diana Ross and Breast Cancer Yoga. For more information, visit the Breast Cancer Yoga website.

2 thoughts on “Pose-of-the-Month: Fish 2

  1. Nelson U. Simpson says:

    As we rise to begin the yoga postures, I glance at the other participants. Lois, a redhead in her early 30s and mother of two children, struggles with a rare form of leukemia. Eileen, a musician, holds herself carefully, mindful of the cancer in her spine. Three of the women have had breast cancer: Lucy, a commanding woman from the deep South; Janet from San Francisco, who has masses of thick hair and a whimsical, determined attitude that serves her well in her wholly alternative care for her cancer; and Ann, a slender, charming psychotherapist and mother of grown sons, who moves slowly, debilitated by the chemotherapy she has just received. Arnold, our oldest, most enthusiastically vigorous and life-affirming member, slips on his artificial leg, the result of an inebriated motorcycle ride many years ago. Now he faces bone metastasis from his prostate cancer. Ruth and Jake, a young married couple, are learning how to deal with her lymphoma and preparing for a bone marrow transplant. And I, a survivor of colon cancer, am seeking to put my life back together and understand what happened to me.


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