Children’s Book | عندما مرضت صديقتي

An optimistic children's book about cancer, as told through the perspective of a child. Target age for reader: 5-7 years old.

“What do say to a child suffering from cancer? How do you explain the illness to her friends? Where do you find the strength to tackle such a difficult subject?” are a few of the questions the newly released children’s book by Yuki Press Publishers entitled “عندما مرضت صديقتي” (Translation: “When My Friend Got Sick”) goes over. Sensitively-written in optimistic Arabic rhymes by children’s book author Samar Mahfouz Barraj with dynamic illustrations by Sinan Hallak, this book defuses the fear of cancer in the eyes of its young reader and highlights the ways in which to deal with it.

Illustrator Sinan Hallak (left) with the author Samar Mahfouz Barraj (right) at yesterday's book signing

We had the chance to catch the book-signing of this interesting storybook at the Beirut Arab International Book Fair at Biel last night where both the author and illustrator were present, signing books left and right. Prior to last night, we’d only heard of one other Arabic children’s book touching on this topic (click here to read about it) so it was nice to see others taking on the challenge of addressing these important issues in a child-friendly manner. As an added incentive to grab a copy of this book, percentage of all book sales will be donated to the Children’s Cancer Center who’s work in this field is invaluable.

In the next few days, Yuki Press Publishers in coordination with Iqra’ Association will be holding workshops targeting elementary school students with activities structured around “عندما مرضت صديقتي”. The workshops will be taking place on Dec. 12, 13 and 14 from 10am – 12pm each day at the Lecture Hall of the Beirut Arab International Book Fair in BIEL.

Chosen as the winner of "Best Children's Book" for 2011 by the Beirut Arab International Book Fair

Read an interview with the author here and see photos from the children’s educational workshop here.

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