The Pink Ribbon Phenomenon

“This October has a whole new meaning for me. October, as many of you know is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and up until 2011, it has had much less of an impact on me. I have always been a fan of pink but I am certainly more conscious of it now. Wearing my pink wig to chemo meant I was a supporter of all women (and men) going through breast cancer but it also represented me kicking cancer’s ass. Now, when I see someone wearing a pink ribbon, I feel supported or feel like I have some connection with that person because he or she has felt the effects, whether it was directly or indirectly, of breast cancer.” – Katie from The Bald & The Beautiful

We came across Katie’s recent post and had to share it. As October comes to close, it’s also a time to reflect about what all the pink ribbons and awareness campaigns are about. Why are we wearing pink and what drives everyone to support this cause? Is it a trend? Are we truly conscious of who the companies behind the campaigns are helping and why? Some food for thought as you put on a pink ribbon this month and make sure your doing it for the right reasons above all.

We highly recommend you read Katie’s (one of our newest favorite bloggers) latest post Pinktober where she goes more in-depth about the topic and how the pink ribbon phenomenon is affecting her as a survivor:

Some think that the pink ribbon has taken away from the severity of it all, that being represented by a cute little, pink, perfect ribbon doesn’t represent breast cancer properly or the way it should. Wrapping breast cancer up in a pink ribbon can give the impression that it’s not as severe as other cancers.. The pink ribbon has a whole new significance to me but the way I see it; we need to educate the general public about the consumerism of the pink ribbon, the importance of knowing how your donation is being allocated and the true meaning of awareness.” – Katie

We couldn’t agree more. Thank you Katie for sharing your insight on the topic. For anyone reading this, we’d love to hear your thoughts too on “Pinktober” and how this month has affected you.


We’ll be posting Katie’s story soon on One Wig Stand. Keep posted!


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