Attention: Pink Ribbons in Aisle One!

This past weekend, Spinneys promoted breast cancer awareness month across their shops in Lebanon through the distribution of informative flyers and ribbons to their shoppers with the main purpose of spreading the awareness message – to as many people as possible!

Thinking "Pink" at Spinneys, October 2011

It doesn’t get as simple as that yet it might serve just the right reminder needed to get checked. Shopping malls, hairdressers and grocery stores are the perfect hub for such awareness campaigns and we applaud Spinneys for launching this initiative.

We’d like to additionally thank Spinneys for helping us spread the word about sharing stories on One Wig Stand through their flyers. Sharing experiences of overcoming the disease will greatly benefit those going through it feel less alone and learn from each other how to cope better. We’re all ears! Send us an email at for more information (all personal details are kept completely anonymous).


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