The Search for Online Ambassadors

As part of our upcoming “Bras for a Cause” Breast Cancer Campaign (which we’re launching very, very soon!), we’re looking for bloggers from across the Middle East to be Ambassadors.

Why it rocks to be an Ambassador for Bras for a Cause:

(a) You’ll be supporting a great cause across the Middle East that will be helping women with breast cancer as well as the organizations that are supporting them.

(b) You and your blog will get plenty of exposure through our website, our media partners and other social media platforms dedicated to the blog. You’ll also be one of few selected Ambassadors, helping your blog stand out even more.

(c) You’ll win some valuable goodies and benefit from other perks for your involvement.

(d) It won’t take much of your time but you’ll be making a big difference.

(e) It’s fun!

Being an Ambassador is going to be exclusive to a few, carefully selected bloggers who fit the profile for the Campaign (i.e. blog regularly, genuinely want to support the cause and/or are into fashion). We’re looking for bloggers from across the Middle East, including the following number of bloggers from each country:

UAE (Qatar, Dubai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, etc): 15 Ambassadors
Lebanon: 10 Ambassadors
Egypt: 7 Ambassadors
Jordan: 6 Ambassadors
Syria: 3 Ambassadors
Turkey: 2 Ambassadors
KSA: 2 Ambassadors
International (outside Middle East): 5 Ambassadors

Contact us at if you’re interested and want to find out more. Act quick as we’ll be filling all the spots by end of this week 🙂 Spread the word!


More information about the Campaign itself below:

@BrasforaCauseME (on Twitter)


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