The secret is out.

We’re partnering this year with on an exciting, first-of-its-kind breast cancer campaign involving, you guessed it, BRAS!

Check out our call-for-participation ad in this month's TimeOut Magazine. They are one of our several fabulous Media Partners for the Campaign!

The Campaign and contest officially launch on May 19th, but it’s never too early to start thinking about creative ideas for bras you might want to submit. The contest also includes a T-Shirt category, so illustrators and designers of all backgrounds, we haven’t forgotten you!

That’s about all we can reveal for now. More coming soon 🙂

Keep posted for more info: Website, Facebook Page and Twitter


3 thoughts on “The secret is out.

  1. Catherine says:

    Excellent idea! And can I suggest, if possible, that the bra have pockets for prosthesis? It requires a slightly larger cup, but would be so great for any Amazonian women out there (like me). The choices for mastectomy lingerie are improving, but not as cute as they could be. I wish all bras came with post-surgery pockets, particularly the bright pink and zebra stripped kind.


    • Lorena says:

      Thanks for your comment Catherine – we’re very excited about the Campaign and can’t wait to launch the contest soon!

      In fact we have a category within the contest dedicated specifically to meet the needs of breast cancer survivors (post-op scars and prosthesis). Feel free to take part too with your bright pink and zebra-stripped survivor bra idea too – it’s actually quite a fitting concept, no? zebras and survivors 🙂

      Hope you take part and don’t worry, no fashion design background needed. Just creative ideas and the desire to take part 🙂 More info coming soon about all of this soon.. I wish I could say more lol!


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