Interview Timeline #twestivalbeirut

A few weeks ago, One Wig Stand was asked by the organizers of Twestival Beirut to give a short presentation about what we’re doing to raise breast cancer awareness here in Lebanon. The event was a successful fundraiser supporting a local breast cancer organization Faire Face and we jumped at the chance to take part in such a noble cause.

When it came time to plan my 10 minute presentation, many ideas ran through my head for how I would approach it, but the one that stood out was one where I actually did very little talking. Rather than simply talking about what we’re doing with One Wig Stand , I thought I’d switch things up a little bit and let the wig stand do the talking. She is after all the inspiration for the project and the focus of our “Let Your Wig do the Talking” campaign.

We didn’t get a chance to tape the interview for those who weren’t there, but thought of something that the Twitter community would appreciate (this file is a bit long, but don’t worry – it’s a quick informative read):

If you’re interested in sharing your story with us, please contact us on: And don’t forget to check out the pictures of the event attendees in pink wigs, showing their support for the cause. Vote for your favorites by liking!

Both @onewigstand and I would like to thank all the @twestivalbeirut organizers for putting this wonderful event together (cc @sanatawileh and @sdarine) as well as a special thanks to @dimaboulad for being the voice behind @onewigstand during the live presentation. We experienced a few technical difficulties, but hopefully we got the right message out 😉







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