Not ANOTHER breast cancer cookie!

I love the opening of this scene where Samantha from Sex and the City joins a few women planning a breast cancer benefit:

Mona: “Okay – first we have the pink ribbon breast cancer cookie.”

Samantha: “Oh Jesus”

Mona: “Well, what’s wrong with the cookie?”

Samantha: “For the past five years, every [expletive] breast cancer benefit I’ve been to have had that [expletive] breast cancer cookie. Now I don’t care about a breast cancer cookie and I HAD breast cancer.. Some of the women coming to this event are battling cancer. They need something more inspirational and outrageous than a [expletive] cookie!”

Watch the rest of this great clip as Samantha prepares to give an inspirational speech at a breast cancer benefit, with a powerful ending:

PS: You actually see the breast cancer cookie at the end – lol!


Check out an article with a list of other TV characters who battled the disease here.


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