What about the wigs?

Did you think One Wig Stand would forget about the wigs? Of course not! 🙂

One of the main initiatives at the Sanad Group is distribution of wigs for breast cancer patients. Often times the women who come can’t afford to get their wigs elsewhere or are simply ashamed to be seen doing so. Sanad offers a safe place for them to come, select a wig color of their choice and try it on privately.

Behind the Scenes

It’s a direct gift to the patients from Sanad who find losing their hair one of the most difficult parts of cancer treatment. They shared with us some anecdotes about first impressions of women coming to try on the wigs, one of which was the story of a woman who came with her husband to pick her wig.

As it came time to select the wig color and she was reaching for the brown wig, her husband stops her with a soft nudges to her arm. “Why don’t you go for the blond one?” he suggests with a wink in his eye.

The story made us all smile and shows how such a difficult process can be made lighter with a sense of humor.

Our little wig stand made some new friends that day too:


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