Children’s Book | والدة سامي مريضة

When Roland (a survivor from the Sanad Group in Jordan) was about to undergo cancer treatment, her young daughter brought home this book. “You’ll take medicine in a tube and you’re hair will go” her daughter explained “but don’t worry mommy, it’ll grow back like before and look more beautiful!”

Who would’ve thought a young child would grasp the idea of cancer so maturely and try to soothe her mom’s fears? Touching really and we found out this book played a role:

Translation of Title: Samy's Mom is Sick

والدة سامي مريضة (Samy’s Mom is Sick) follows the story of a young boy (Samy) who’s mom gets diagnosed with cancer and has to undergo surgery and chemo.

In an honest yet simple portrayal of what she starts going through, the child comes to understand how cancer affects the way his/her mom will look, how they can help their mom and is comforted that things will come back to normal after. Below, a few photos of the book to illustrate the style in which the story is told:

It’s probably the only book about breast cancer for children in Arabic (originally written by an American author). What’s even more interesting is that this book is actually published right here in Lebanon. Funny how we learned about it in Jordan though!

This special children’s book can be found in several bookstores in Lebanon, including Librarie Antoine and Bookland. Feel free to contact us for additional information.


4 thoughts on “Children’s Book | والدة سامي مريضة

  1. Johnny says:

    Wonderful to see that they actually decided to give importance to the child of the cancer patient. Not to belittle any of the circumstances of the patient themselves, but the people that surround the patient suffer as well (especially the younger ones), with barely any direction on how to behave and act.

    It’s nice to see that they are giving thought to the children, who must be absolutely confused at this point in their lives.


    • Lorena says:

      Exactly! This book would make a huge difference, not to mention speak in a language the child would understand. The author herself is a survivor so she has first-hand experience in this. Would be lovely to see more books like this by Arab writers and illustrators. A future One Wig Stand project? Hopefully! 🙂


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