Bumpy Boobs (Part One)

We met Catherine online. When someone’s twitter profile reads “Screw breast cancer, let’s get on with the show.”, how can you not be intrigued?

Twenty eight years old and one boob down, Catherine is ready to move on with her life. Her trusty sidekick through this (besides her supportive husband, family and friends of course) is her blog Bumpy Boobs that shares the ups and downs of her recovery.

“[Bumpy Boobs] isn’t just a breast cancer blog. No way.” Catherine explains. “It’s about body image, relationships, communicating, role models, and how incredible and supportive people can become.. It’s about my experience, which is all the expertise I’m fit to share.”

Fair enough. Her blog has also been one of the positive things Catherine drew out of her experience:

“[My blog] has been a hub of discussion, reassurance and focus during this past year. Writing is my passion, and it was amazing to share that – share my story – with so many people. Connections were made that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise, all because I write every now and then.”

Plus, her grandmother loves it (and so do we!).


More on Catherine coming soon – there’s simply too much to write in one post, so we’ll be posting in two parts – this entry being the intro and the second part with more details about her experience. Keep posted.

Side-note: If you’re inspired to start your own blog to record your own breast cancer experience, thoughts, or to “simply let it out” somewhere – don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll gladly share advice on getting your blog set-up!

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