Why her? Why now?

How does one cope when a loved one is going through such a tremendous battle?

The following entry is from a Breast Cancer survivor’s child (anonymous) – sharing the fears anyone of us would have for a loved one going through this.

1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. The sweetest, kindest, most incredible woman I have ever known in my life had to be one of them. I write this with tears in my eyes for it conjures nothing but bad memories for me. Cancer sneaks up on the person and everyone else in that person’s life.

No one could believe it was happening. There was no logical explanation. I watched as everyone around me was falling apart with not enough hands to catch them all. Suddenly there were a million of questions – most of which no one wanted answers to. Why did this have to happen to her? Why now? I walked around like a zombie for days trying to accept it all the while masking it in denial. I couldn’t share my pain with anyone for a long time.

Nothing compares to what she went through. What does one do when their own body is fighting them? All the pain, all the frustrations I saw in her eyes, all the days spent at the hospital… everything she masked with her beautiful smile and spirit. She came to terms with it better than anyone else around her and gave us all the strength to believe everything would get better. Alot of the time she was fine and we all got a sense of normalcy. Other times we’d remember how fragile she was and recall all our insecurities that come with this condition.

If I could eliminate every single cancerous cell in her body and take on every single ounce of pain she is going through, I would do it in a second. Words cannot express the admiration I feel for her enduring strength and no blog will ever capture all the emotions within me right now. Please pray for her complete recovery and that she gets past this soon.

End the suffering and please support breast cancer foundations. Tell your moms, aunts and all the beloved older women in your lives to get mammograms for early detection.

I hope no one dear to you ever has to go through this.



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