A Woman’s Disease

Breast cancer is harsh reality happening all around the world, but one that is experienced the hardest in countries, like Lebanon and the Middle East, where it’s still regarded as taboo. I came across this interesting article by Saudi Arabian blogger American Bedu who writes about various breast cancer initiatives in her country.

The following image was a sharp, but really effective way of approaching a predominantly woman’s disease in a male-dominated society:

Photo source: American Bedu (www.americanbedu.com)

“Breast cancer is the number one cancer among women in Saudi Arabia which is not caught in time and therefore fatal to them.  That is a tragedy because if breast cancer is caught and treated early it is among the most curable of all cancers.  Breast cancer is also perceived as the “Woman’s Disease” in Saudi Arabia.  So with a slightly new twist, I look forward to how you contribute to this month’s “Use Your Imagination” with the story of Khalid here.” – American Bedu

++ Click here to read the full article ++

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