Red Velvet

Qamar - inspirational breast cancer survivor and world traveler.

I met Qamar during a photojournalism workshop I recently attended in Istanbul, Turkey. It’s not easy sharing a bunk on the third floor of a hostel, but she did it. Qamar, who’s from Pakistan, will not let things hold her back. She’s still recovering from her battle with breast cancer but is determined to make the most of her time to travel and have new experiences. When I last left her, she was going to tour the rest of Turkey.

I deeply admire her and enjoyed the conversations we had. Some, accidentally while going up and down the stairs. Others, more personal. We spent one afternoon together where she opened up to me. I better understood why she was traveling on her own and what she hoped to get out of it. “I just want to be free,” she said.

People around us were instantly drawn to her and she didn’t hold back dancing in the middle of a jewelry shop! I hope she’s in better health and happy wherever in the world she is now. And of course, taking lovely photos as I bet she is..

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