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Dances Within.

This piece is dedicated to a breast cancer patient who revealed her thoughts and feelings with me the night before her mastectomy. Her exceptional perseverance during her sickness inspired many around her and filled them with hope. In writing this, I hope to succeed in translating all that she felt that night here.

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Flashback. Then Forward.

Today 4 years ago, I learned something that changed my life forever.

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Review: The DONNA Glove

We recently heard about a new breast self-check product coming to Lebanon: the DONNA Glove, advertised to amplify sensitivity during a Breast Self-Exam (BSE). But with several BSE options out there, what makes this particular one stand out? We got in touch with the DONNA Glove’s distributers in Lebanon to find out more and they kindly provided us with a sample to try out. After a few days of testing and getting a better sense of the product, here’s our review and personal take on the DONNA Glove.

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Illustrating the Cancer Experience: Interview with Ranya Ghazaly

We came across "What Happened when Mommy Got Cancer" a children's book written by Mathuin, a seven-year-old boy and son of Jocelyn Smith who went through breast cancer treatment. We took a few minutes to talk with the illustrator of this book, Ranya Ghazaly, who tackling such a sensitive matter to work on this special children's book developed some invaluable insight to approaching the subject of cancer.

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Little BIG Things You Can Do This October

As of October 1st, we've introduced a new daily post series of awareness tips that we'll be sharing via our facebook page for the entire month. They're all small things that won't require much time or effort but will help you learn in small doses more about breast health, early detection signs and other activities you can do to support the cause.

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