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Review: The DONNA Glove

We recently heard about a new breast self-check product coming to Lebanon: the DONNA Glove, advertised to amplify sensitivity during a Breast Self-Exam (BSE). But with several BSE options out there, what makes this particular one stand out? We got in touch with the DONNA Glove’s distributers in Lebanon to find out more and they kindly provided us with a sample to try out. After a few days of testing and getting a better sense of the product, here’s our review and personal take on the DONNA Glove.

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Illustrating the Cancer Experience: Interview with Ranya Ghazaly

We came across "What Happened when Mommy Got Cancer" a children's book written by Mathuin, a seven-year-old boy and son of Jocelyn Smith who went through breast cancer treatment. We took a few minutes to talk with the illustrator of this book, Ranya Ghazaly, who tackling such a sensitive matter to work on this special children's book developed some invaluable insight to approaching the subject of cancer.

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My Wife’s Battle with Breast Cancer

"In September of 2007, I married the girl of my dreams. Five months later, Jennifer was diagnosed with Stage 3B Breast Cancer." starts the story of an American couple's battle against breast cancer and how it changed both their lives forever. Following plenty of ups and downs in her cancer treatment, Jennifer unfortunately passed away but the photographs taken by her husband Angelo stand as a honest testament of what this part of their life was like and the beauty she has left behind to inspire others..

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Q & A #2: 16 Food Items and their Link

Following our recent Q&A with nutritionist Diane Nicolas (read our previous Q&A with her here), we had another important question - or shall we say several mini-questions - to ask her. Among them, the tie between certain foods and their role in raising the risk of developing cancer. Is it true? Find out here..

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Interview | Author of “عندما مرضت صديقتي”

We did a small interview with children’s book author, Samar Mahfouz Barraj, regarding the recently launched “عندما مرضت صديقتي” to get some insight on what it was like from her perspective to write about cancer for such a young audience.

Children’s book author Samar Mahfouz Barraj

من أين استوحيت فكرة كتابعندما مرضت صديقتي؟  

كوني كاتبة كتب أطفال طُلب منّي كتابة نصّ بشكل قصّة يتناول مرض السّرطان لدى الأطفال لينشر في مجلّة كان من المفترض إصدارها، تباع للأطفال في المدارس وغيرها ويعود ريعها لمرضى السّرطان،عندها قمت بكتابة النّصّعندما مرضت صديقتي” . لم تصدر المجلّة. عندما طلبت منّي دار يوكي برس كتابة نصّ عن سّرطان الأطفال عرضت عليهم  النّص فأعجبهم

ما الذي دفعك  تعالجي موضوع مرض السرطان في هذا الكتاب؟ هل واجهتي صعوبة لإصال الفكرة للشباب؟

لم يكن من السّهل الكتابة عن هذا الموضوع خاصّة أنّ النّصّ موجّه للأطفال وليس للكبار، لذلك كتبت النّص على لسان قتاة صغيرة تخبر عن صديقتها التي أصيبت بالمرض منذ اكتشاف المرض ،مروراً بمراحل العلاج ووصولاإلى الشّفاء . جاء النّصّ بسيطاً فيه سجع ليخفّف من صعوبة الموضوع وجديّته ويجعل النّص أقرب من الطّفل

The interview was conducted in Arabic but feel free to contact us at for an English translation.

(Translation of questions by Joanna-Maria Ghawi)


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